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So ... what's a Health Coach? (Part 1)

I like to compare health coaching with mountain guiding. Mountain guides don’t climb mountains for the client.

In mountain guiding, a client may be motivated to summit a peak. A mountain guide cannot physically get the client to the top without the client utilizing their own motivation and power. First, a mountain guide may start with some basic skills assessment, then they go over equipment and resources needed. Together, the guide and client may determine a route to take and then set smaller attainable goals to help reach the bigger goal. They plan the journey and account for challenges that may come up along the way. Finally, the summit is within striking distance and the guide has assisted you on your route. Knowing that you are not alone and that you are held accountable to your goal, you reach the summit together.

My approach to health coaching is rooted in inquiry and curiosity. As your coach I work for you. But not to ‘prescribe and treat’ or ‘educate and implore.’ Instead, to help you find your way through what is impeding you from reaching your health goals. I use tools that help you take stock of your life and implore effective methods for behavior change. I ask questions to gain information, but also as a way for you to seek answers from within yourself.

My "coach approach" is opposite of the famed gymnastic coaches Bela and Martha Karolyi - instead I use wellness assessments to gauge you current lifestyle habits.

Together we make a plan for the course of change. We work through habit and environmental support, and I hold you accountable for the plan of action. Together we attain lasting behavior and lifestyle change.

This deeper work on yourself helps you excel in reaching your summit.

Read on for Part 2 ...

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