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So ... what's a Health Coach? (Part 2 ...)

Now that we understand my role as your “mountain guide” to health, let’s discuss what you can specifically expect from health coaching.

In our work together, I’ll hold 2 primary functions:

  1. To empower you: Through exploration of mindset, habits, and intention, I’ll be working to empower you to make more informed and positive choices for your health, and to engage in healthier behaviors.

  2. To hold you accountable: I’ll be “running” alongside you to ensure you’re keeping your word to yourself as we strive to have you reach your health goals.

As a health coach, I’m a behavior change specialist. There is no “one-size fits all,” which means I can’t peddle advice in a “do this, don’t do that” format. I also will not be prescribing you any medications or supplements.

Instead, we’ll work together in a customized way to develop a plan that is right for you and aligned with your goals. I will be a non-judgmental guide, using motivational interviewing, appreciative inquiry, and ally-ship to keep you on the path. Your choices are just that – yours, not mine. My job is to honor and support what is ultimately your choice, and empower and hold you accountable to make impactful changes to your behavior and life.

Finally, much of our work together will be very practical. Once we have honed in on where you want to go and identified some key areas of leverage for you, we will create and implement practical, functional changes in the ways that you eat, move, and recover. I’ll be holding you accountable on a weekly basis. We’ll also look at the ecosystem of relationships in which you spend the most time (at home, at work, and with friends) and identify places where you might seek to design relational changes for your health and well-being.

As a health coach, I’m privileged to be able to meet you where you are. My mission is to support you as you make improvements to last a lifetime.

Let’s do this!


Coach Em

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