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Get Better Results By Doing Less: Learning to Ride an Uphill-Right-Hand Switchback

You can get better results by doing less.

Are you ever caught in what you might call a “hamster wheel?”

Going fast, tackling one thing to the next, getting one more thing done. Completing to-do lists while juggling work and kids.

I can find myself in this sort of a “red-light” situation. Partly because I focus on squeezing in mountain bike rides in between to-do items.

It was from a similar “hamster wheel” sort of state that I made a huge discovery.

I am confronted with a particular uphill-right-hand-switchback on one of my go-to rides. My default reaction is attack mode. I shorten my breath, spin my pedals faster, and stare at the impending slope. The result: put my foot down and scoot around the corner.

My goal became getting around that damn switchback without putting my foot down.

With my new goal in mind, as I approached the corner, I felt my nerves build as I began to over think my technique.

Finally, one day I was lucky enough to be riding in the present moment. I did not realize I was even at the dreaded corner. I slowed way down, looked around the corner, and leaned into the turn. Before I knew it I was around the corner and pedaling down the trail. It was a non-event. How did that happen?

I was doing less and getting better results. My body was operating from a “green-light” state.

I began to think about all the times that slowing down and leaning in had served me:

-parenting reactions

-making better food choices

-listening to an old injury

-being more curious with a client

-creating my meditation habit

The list could go on and on. As I’m sure it could for you.

The next time you find yourself on a “hamster wheel,” I challenge you to slow down and lean into the moment. Discover whether you can do less and get better results.

I help people overwhelmed with responsibilities say yes to health and fitness without taking on more stress.

If you would like help applying this to your own life click the link to schedule a free consultation.



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