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Essentials for the dog walk/run

What are some rituals or practices you could add to your life to bring you into a more resonant relationship with nature?—WakeUp Grateful, Kristi Nelson

If you’re like me and ended up with a new COVID companion—pictured are my go to essentials for “the dog walk/run.” I have learned to embrace “the dog walk/run” as a part of my ritual that connects me with nature. I keep my fanny pack from Cotopaxi (a great company that uses remnant fabrics that would otherwise be discarded) loaded with: a dog leash with poop bags pre-attached and a treat bag. My new favorite Brooks shoes, and a running belt with a bungee attachment from the Runner’s Edge are nearby. These things are right near the front door so that I am ready to go in an instant (this also makes it really easy for my kiddos to head out with the dogs). Because I try to get at least 10,000 steps a day, the dogs are a good excuse to get outside.

Interestingly, exercise is essential for all dogs. It keeps them in shape and is really important for their mental health—it keeps their brain active and is stress relief. Sound familiar? It has the same effect on us!

Using “the dog walk/run” as a way to connect with nature I often take along my phone to use my Plant Snap app for wildflower identification, but sometimes I choose to leave the phone behind and do some walking meditation/mindfulness instead.



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