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Greens + Grains

What do 40 year old Montana men and “Greens and Grains” have in common?

The beginning of 2021 came with much hope for a better future. But right off the bat, it seemed as if nothing was going to change, with the exception of 1 thing. My faithful, hard core Tuesday/Thursday workout group wanted to do a weight loss competition as a part of their class.

I believe in behavior change – not the scale - as a determinant of health and wellness, however, I agreed to go along with it for this challenge as long as I could insert some lifestyle changes along the way to help support their weight loss goals.

I encouraged the guys to pull out a pair of shorts or pants that had gotten too tight. In my opinion when you can comfortably wear those ill-fitting items again it is a much better gauge of success than the scale.

Every week for the past 6 weeks I provide nutrition guidance or a behavior change. These guys have been layering one wellness habit on top of the other. Here’s what they have been working on:

These badasses, who named their own text train, Greens and Grains, are embarking on their final two weeks of the weight loss competition . . .

If you want to talk about change, these guys have really upped the ante in the health and wellness department. Photos of epic Zwift rides (careful – its addicting), fast lunch runs, endless veggie soups, and water chugging have been flooding my phone. Along with that comes reports of more energy, pants feeling loose, better sleep . . . . and the pounds are coming off.

I’m grateful for the competitive spirit, effort and humor that this group brings to the table every day. The laughter, humanity and hilarity that this group brings, helps me be a better coach and better person and brings a little much needed hope.

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