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Eat.Move.Excel. Part 3

What do I mean by Excel?

Making choices that are a little bit better, not perfect.

I believe that eating properly and moving frequently are the keys to excelling in every aspect of your life. I also believe that making unrealistic rules around eating and exercise result in crash diets and injured bodies. We need to be in-tune with our bodies and life circumstances to make healthy lifestyle choices that allow us to excel.

As a coach I engage in a dynamic partnership with you to move you toward your goals. We begin the process by assessing and gathering data, then we build the story before we set an action plan and next steps. Once we have a road map we begin to change behavior one step at a time as we observe and monitor progress with outcome based decision making in mind. Willpower alone is not going to change our eating and movement habits. Barbara Fredrickson’s Upward Spiral Theory of Lifestyle Change suggests that whatever change you introduce it must create positive emotions because those emotions create an unconscious motive to engage in the desired behavior that eventually leads to habit change. For example, when I wanted to start a morning meditation routine I would sit for 8-10 minutes of meditation and then reward myself with coffee. After enough practice I'm able to receive the positive benefits of my meditation practice with or without my coffee routine because I unconsciously crave the meditation.

Behavior change is not easy, but using the Transtheoretical Stages of Change Model we know that change occurs gradually and relapses are an inevitable part of the process. As a coach I am there to walk you through the important elements of behavior change: readiness to change, barriers to change, and likelihood of relapse.

Let’s not search for “perfect” instead let’s strive to be a little bit better today. In this slow, methodical way as we look at eating and movement behaviors we can excel in making healthy lifestyle habit change a reality.



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