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Commit to your health

Get started now! Try my 5 Moves in 5 Minutes video workout to kickstart your day or reset in the afternoon. 

Hi! I'm Emily Linton, aka Coach Em.

I offer Health Coaching for athletes, busy parents, and time-strapped professionals.  My support, inspiration, and attention will motivate you to take actionable steps that lead to your vision of wellness.

What I offer:

  1. A client-centered approach: I focus on Nutrition, Movement, Recovery, and Relationships, designed for your specific goals and intentions.

  2. 6 months of one-on-one coaching sessions with regular accountability check-ins: I’ll lean on my skills in cognitive flexibility to push you when I think you need a push, and also to encourage you to take a break (even if you might not think you need one).

  3. New habits and a more resilient mindset: You’ll emerge from our six months of coaching with more energy, less stress, more positivity, and improved strength and confidence.

How I work

I’ve spent the bulk of my life pushing my own limits. Now, I use my hard-earned lessons and the work I’ve done on myself to create a customized, client-centered health coaching program. 


I have professional certifications in personal training, integrative nutrition, and behavior change.  I’ve passed the national boards for health and wellness coaching and am a certified executive coach. I have a deep love for outdoor mountain adventure.


Simply put, health coaching is my calling. Let’s work together to create the positive change you’re looking for and make health your lifestyle.

Health Notes. Wellness Ideas. General Fun. 

What my clients say:

My partner was out of town and I needed to put our monster four tray bike rack on the suburban-I lifted and carried to the car and fed it into the hitch all by myself! I was so proud (he wanted me to ask the neighbor, which I did but he was taking too long) he said it weighs 80-100#  Go Emily"

Carissa Benjamin, PT and strong Local Mama

I am running the fastest I have ever consistently run.  Thanks for helping me to realize my potential.

Sarah Christensen, Founder/ Co-owner of Pintler Mountain Beef and Mama of 3

Your guidance, encouragement and structure has really helped me.  I feel informed and motivated to pursue a healthier lifestyle.  You met me where I was at and I even enjoyed my time at the gym:)  You are great at your job...Thank you.

Kristi Havlick, Education Coordinator Missoula Foodbank and Mama

Work with me

Let's work together to create a crystal clear vision of what optimal health would look like for you–what are you eating, how are you moving, when do you rest, and how are your relationships supporting these things. 


Thanks for your submission!

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